Do you desire to stand out among your coworkers and get a promotion? Are you seeking a salary increase? Take the following four steps to stand out and be noticed in your organization:

1.) Be the first to help.

Take initiative and offer your services to your supervisor and team. Team members that show initiative will stand out and be recognized. Remember, someone is always watching how you work. Make a good impression each day!

2.) Demonstrate ability for the role you desire.

If you are seeking a promotion or lateral job change, start working today as if you’re in that role. Learn the skills needed. Develop your work ethic for that role. Observe¬†others who are working in similar roles so you can get a good feel for the job. Become the employee that the supervisor would want to have on their team.

3.) Be consistent.

Employers want to know they can count on you. Give a strong effort each and every day. Let your supervisor know what to expect from you and deliver. Managers have many details to handle and when you work with consistency you give them one less thing to worry about.

4.) Make your boss look good.

Whether you like it or not, how your boss appears to his or her superiors will either help or harm your cause. When you work to help your boss succeed in his or her role, you will stand out. Ask if there is anything that you can take off their plate. Ask how you can be of greater service to the team. Go the extra mile. Add value daily where you can.

While nothing is guaranteed in the workplace, if you follow these four steps you will be on your way to standing out in your organization. Don’t settle for mediocrity in the middle of the pack. Work to stand out each and every day.

Be Intentionally Great Today!

Chris McClure is a certified professional coach and leadership trainer with The John Maxwell Team. Contact him today to discuss how he can assist you and your team to achieve greater success and significance.