Do you ever desire to be respected more?

Do you want to receive a promotion so you can achieve greater income and influence?

Start by being responsible where you are.

This is a principle that is often overlooked. We want the promotion before we’ve done anything to receive it. We want credibility before we’ve earned it. We want the benefits before we’ve done the work to receive them.

The way to receive a bigger platform is to shine in your current situation. I recently heard the story of a young woman who desired to be hired for an important role in a non-profit organization. However, she didn’t have the experience to be hired for the position. What did she do? She took an entry-level position in that organization and proved herself in the course of more than a year. Then, when her desired position was open again, she applied and was easily promoted into it.

One of the challenges of today’s culture is we expect to jump into top-level leadership roles without “paying our dues.” In past generations, people understood that they would have to work their way up the “ladder.” Today we have a microwave mindset. We expect to jump right to the top without having to gain experience along the way. If you start your own company or organization, you can do that, but I guarantee you’ll have to learn many hard lessons along the way in order to survive. It’s possible, but not as easy as many like to think.

However, if you work hard and “bloom where you’re planted” in your current role, opportunities will come. While it requires patience, you will be better prepared because of the daily work you do and the incremental growth you experience.

Don’t take it as an insult if/when people say you aren’t ready. Instead, embrace your time in the “incubator” as you mature and grow into the role you desire. Start working at the level you’ll need to when your opportunity comes. There’s a saying of “when you prepare for the moment, the moment is prepared for you.” Are you preparing for your moment? Are you doing the work today in order to receive the level of influence, impact, and income you desire tomorrow?

Being responsible where you are today leads to greater credibility and opportunities later. Show up every day and do your best work. People will notice. However, simply showing up and “putting in your time” will be noticed too. Just because you’re there doesn’t mean you’re contributing at a level that stands out.

You can do this. I believe in you! Don’t settle for coasting and expecting a promotion. Instead, prove yourself by working hard each day.

Be Intentionally Great today!