If you’re like me, you want instant results. You want to take X action and see Y result NOW. But what I’ve discovered is that lasting results take time. It takes going through a process of growth and development to become the best versions of ourselves.

We live in a “microwave” society where we expect everything to happen FAST, but long-term development and lasting results take time. We need to learn how to patiently go through the process in a very impatient culture. Our expectations have changed exponentially over the past 30 years as computers and technology have changed the game. Remember when we waited for the screech of dial-up internet to load up so we could use email and do some browsing online? Then high-speed internet was introduced and we became impatient with dial-up. Now high-speed continues to get faster and faster, yet we are impatient with it.

So, how do we manage expectations when things are constantly speeding up? We need to embrace the process. We need to realize that it takes daily growth in order to have long-lasting, sustainable results. Don’t be a “flash in the pan” that has no long-term impact. Instead, make a commitment to work through the process to grow daily and experience the compound effect of intentional action steps.

You are becoming daily who you were created to be. Instead of wishing away the pain and struggles of today, embrace them as growing pains and catalysts to become a better, stronger, wiser person who will be able to make a greater difference tomorrow and in the years to come.

John Maxwell states in his Law of Process that “leadership develops develops daily, not in a day.” I believe that is true for so many areas beyond leadership. Your relationships, your skills, your impact develop daily, not in a day.

Realize that growth and progress often take longer than you want and cost more than you expect. But if you embrace the process and keep a long-term view of development you will be able to better manage your expectations and find yourself being more patient.

Embrace the process.

Be Intentionally Great today!