“The first year that I engaged in intentional personal growth, I discovered that it was going to be a lifetime process. During that year, the question in my mind changed from “How long will this take?” to “How far can I go?” – John C. Maxwell

Have you ever seriously thought about how far you can go in life? What is your growth ceiling? What is the highest level you can achieve in your career? How far can you grow until you’ve “arrived”?

It’s much easier to tell ourselves what we can’t do than it is to convince ourselves that the sky is the limit. Instead of thinking “I can’t do that” start asking yourself “How far can I go?” Start dreaming. Start writing out ideas that you could achieve. While you may decide not to go after everything you write down, take action on a few things and watch yourself grow.

Your willingness to stretch yourself is the only thing holding you back. Don’t blame external circumstances – there are many people who have achieved great success against the odds. Determine right now that you will take steps of growth. Make a daily commitment┬áto ask yourself “How far can I go today?”

You were designed with a purpose. You have incredible gifts and abilities within you. Stop telling yourself what you can’t do and start dreaming about how far you can go. Then take action and go after those dreams.

Be Intentionally Great Today!