It’s the beginning of Spring as I write this post and I’m thinking about seasons of growth. We made it through a very mild winter where I live and I’m thankful for that. But another season is upon us and it’s time for new growth to start showing up. Flowers are blooming. Trees are budding. Grass is becoming green and growing. It’s what happens during Spring!

But do you think about our personal growth much? Seasons come and go in nature. The same is true in your life. What season are you in? Are you growing? Do you have a plan to grow? Many people drift through life essentially staying the same as they were 5, 10, or even 20 years ago. Is that you? Or are you someone who seeks new growth opportunities?

Personal growth is a choice. In fact, it’s a daily choice. Change is something that most people resist, but the fact is that change is going to happen whether we welcome it or not. Things around us will keep changing. We can’t control most of it. But we can control our own growth. We can pick up a book. We can take a course. We can seek out mentors. We can step out of our comfort zones.

As you reflect on your life, are you choosing to grow or are you staying the same? When we are born, physical and mental growth happens at an exponential rate. As children, we learn something new every day because we’ve never experienced it before. As adults, many things are¬†repetitive and we don’t learn much new. But we have a choice to make. ¬†We can let the days slide by with the same ol’, same ol’ OR we can make the decision to stretch ourselves and learn something new through study or action.

What is one area of your life that you’d like to change? Determine one key action to take today and then do it! Choose to grow. As you grow, new opportunities will come your way. Spend a few moments thinking about the last days of your life. What do you want to look back on and be glad that you did? In order to avoid a life of regret, you’ll have to sacrifice a life of comfort. Determine to take a courageous step of growth.

Be Intentionally Great today!