Have you ever found yourself “stuck” because you didn’t feel you were ready to start something yet?

Have you ever worried about launching a product, service, or initiative before you were confident it was “just right?”

I have good news for you!

If you truly want to become great at anything, you have to start with “imperfect action.” Imperfect action means that you start and adjust along the way. Think about it…technology companies do this all the time. They launch a product or service, then update it based on user experience. Think of how many times you’ve had to update your phone, tablet, or computer. Those updates make the device perform better. That means the product wasn’t perfect when you bought it! It has room for improvement.

Too many people die with their dreams inside of them because they are too afraid to take action before they’ve perfected everything. Too many people live frustrated lives because they don’t achieve their goals, but they never start because they aren’t confident enough at what they are offering. Don’t let that be you!

I’ve experienced this personally. A colleague and I talked about a workshop idea for months before we finally put a date on the calendar. When we did that, it forced us to take imperfect action. It forced us to learn skills we didn’t already possess. It forced us to GROW! And you know what? We led a great workshop that impacted the lives of several people. But it wouldn’t have started without taking imperfect action.

Start before it’s perfect. Implement, then adjust. Become comfortable with imperfect action and you’ll be amazed at how much farther you get in your life and work. You’ll be amazed at how you learn and grow along the way.

I believe in you!

Take imperfect action and Be Intentionally Great today!