Who do you value most?

Do they know it?

Do they feel it?

In The Way To Greatness, Action Step #6 is to “assess your relationships.” It is a vital first step in developing healthy relationships because if you are unaware of the state of them, you can’t improve or heal them.

The busyness of life often squeezes out time with your most-valued people, which creates distance between you and those you love the most. If you want to experience better relationships, consider the following 3 actions:

1 – Determine who values you.

It is possible for you to give much to others who won’t give much in return. While God desires for you to serve others despite how they treat you, when it comes to having healthy relationships, you need to make sure that there is mutual effort being given.

2 – Determine who you should invest in.

Your time is limited. You can’t be everything to everyone in your life. While you can be kind and loving to many people, you can only reasonably invest deeply into a few. Jesus taught, served, and healed many. However, he invested in 12 men who would carry on His mission after He was gone from Earth. Prayerfully consider who you should invest in during this season of life.

3 – Determine what really counts to those you choose to invest in.

Each person is unique and will connect with you in different ways. Each person desires to be appreciated and cared for differently than others. When you have determined WHO to invest in, you should also determine HOW you will do it. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to relationships. Relationships require much time and energy. This is why you can’t go deep with too many people. Know your valued people well so you can connect in ways that truly matter to them.

By implementing these three intentional actions in your relationships, you will begin to make healthy progress. If you want better, healthier relationships, take responsibility to deepen your commitments to those you value most.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve failed in the past. Rather, choose today to take intentional, daily action to become better. As you deepen your commitments to those you value most, you are more likely to receive deeper commitments from them in return. This is when relationships become mutually beneficial.

You can do this.

I believe in you!

Until next time…make today GREAT!

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