Too often we feel the pressure to get better in our weak areas rather than improve upon our strengths. While we can always grow in both areas, top performers stay in their strength zones and delegate their weaknesses. Think about it. What if Michael Phelps focused on a sport he isn’t talented in rather than swimming? Or LeBron James focusing on something other than basketball? Or Bill Gates trying to be an athlete rather than a computer developer and businessman? There are many examples around us of people who are doing great things, but what if they were focused on their weaknesses instead of their strengths? What would they have to offer the world?

If you are in a job that you’re weak in, maybe it’s time to look for new work or at least find a way to use your strengths where you are instead. If you’re not seeing the success that you desire in your life, it’s time to evaluate where you’re putting your energy – your weaknesses or your strengths?

I believe that a key problem holding many people back from success is not knowing or working in their strength zones. Don’t let that be you. Find what you are strong in and devote your energy to using those skills and growing to be even stronger. As for your weaknesses, delegate them to others. If you can’t delegate them, find ways to make adjustments so you aren’t having to focus on them.

If you want to become all you were created to be, it’s time to figure out your strengths and start living them out.

Be Intentionally Great today!