Do you ever find yourself feeling like you’ve been pushing hard day after day and yet aren’t seeing the results you desire?

I sure have!

What do you do when you are in this mental space?

Consider these 4 key actions:

1 – Schedule solitude.

It’s so difficult to get the proper perspective in the chaos and noise of the day. Put it on your calendar to get away from the distractions, then determine a peaceful location where you can rest, breathe, and reflect.

2 – Reflect on your identity and purpose.

You were created uniquely for a special and specific purpose. No other person has been, is, or will be just like you. No one has the exact purpose that you have. You are living in this time and place for a reason. Spend time recalibrating. Think about your unique qualities, skills, abilities, and value to others.

3 РMake a plan. 

Many times, stuck happens because there is no plan with strategic next steps. It may be an overused adage, but take the time to “plan your work, then work your plan.” Use this time to get clear on what you need to do next.

4 – Take imperfect action.

It’s easy to wait for the “perfect” plan before taking action, but that’s not how you get momentum. Take the next step that you can see, then the next, then the next. As you take the obvious steps, the following steps will be revealed to you. You can always make course corrections.

While being stuck and frustrated stinks, know that you’re not alone and there is a way forward. The first step is often getting away from your current setting so you can clear your head, pray, think, reflect, plan, and be recharged to take action.

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