After reflecting on several difficulties in the past few years, I’m thankful for the tough times.

I never thought I would say that, but as I look back at the growth I’ve experienced and the people I’ve met because of those difficulties, I am confident that the tough times led me to become better than ever.

Difficulties pushed me to make decisions that I wouldn’t have otherwise made. Those decisions led to meeting new people and learning new skills. I can literally look back at the past three years alone and see how one incident led me to make one decision that led me to meet a vast array of global leaders and acquire skills that I might never have attained otherwise.

We typically do anything we can to avoid pain and remain comfortable, but the comfort zone is not a GROWTH ZONE.  I recently heard Steven Furtick say that it would be ridiculous to put the weights down at the gym because they’re heavy while claiming the desire to become stronger.

Isn’t that what we do in life?

Don’t we put the weights of pain, disappointment, and hurt down while simultaneously wanting to grow into a better, stronger version of ourselves?

The reality is that our difficult and painful times are where we have the opportunity to grow the most. Yet most of us do anything we can to avoid these times.

I want to encourage you today to find a way to be thankful for your tough times because these times can be the soil for your greatest growth. Don’t waste the pain and difficulties in your life. Grow from them. This is how you will become the person that God created you to be.

Be Intentionally Great today!

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