I was reminded this week of Mel Robbins’ concept of the “5 Second Rule.” The basic premise is that you have five seconds to decide to take action before you decide NOT to take action. Does that seem a little crazy? Think about the amount of time it takes you before you hit the “snooze” button or decide to ignore your alarm clock altogether. Spend a few minutes to hear from Mel on this topic:

I’m on a journey to greater fitness. One aspect of this journey is the commitment to get up at 5:30am each morning for some quiet prayer and reflection time before I work out for 45 minutes. I’ve never been a morning person. Need me to stay up late? I’m in! Need me to get up early? Please no!!! But in order to achieve my goals, I had to make a change in my daily schedule. Rising early is one of the steps I had to take.  To be completely transparent, I want to ignore my alarm most days or reset it for an hour later. I’ve had to discipline myself to get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off within five seconds. If I don’t, my mind gives me all sorts of reasons to stay in bed.

What about you? What aspect of your day would benefit by making a decision within five seconds? Where do you delay and talk yourself out of taking action? We’re all wired differently, so your challenges may be different than mine. But I’m confident that there is at least one area of your life that can benefit.

I know so many people who want to experience breakthroughs in their lives. They don’t necessarily define it that way, but when I hear their stories I hear their frustrations, disappointments, and even anger. They want to overcome obstacles and barriers and have a greater life experience. They need a breakthrough!

In the past two years, I have been on a journey of learning how to experience more breakthroughs in my life and to experience them quicker each time. One lesson I’ve learned is that it takes discipline to develop discipline. While that may sound strange, think about it. In order to achieve the discipline we desire, we have to be intentional and discipline ourselves to do the things we don’t want to do.

Want to be healthier? You need to discipline yourself to eat better and exercise.

Want to be debt-free? You need to discipline yourself to develop better money habits.

Want to receive a promotion? You need to discipline yourself to develop the skills required to be promoted.

Discipline is not fun, but it’s necessary for a breakthrough to occur. One of the disciplines you need to establish is the discipline to act within five seconds of an idea coming to your mind. Whether it’s getting out of bed, making a phone call or writing an email, do it within five seconds and watch your breakthroughs before more frequent and impacting.

I’m cheering you on. I believe in you. Be Intentionally Great today!