I don’t know about you, but I feel that with the rise of social media and access to so many “gurus” these days, it’s easy to feel inadequate or unqualified. So we end up focusing too much on ourselves and trying to develop a proper image that we actually start to lose sight of how awesome we already are.

You are awesome! You were created with a unique and important personality and purpose. Don’t let anyone convince you that you need to be someone else. I’m not saying we can’t or shouldn’t learn from what others are doing, but be you! We need you in this world to be you!

As a coach I am connected to a lot of coaches, speakers and trainers. I realize that there are so many great people doing great work around the world. Recently I’ve been following a consultant’s journey around the world via Facebook. He has been sharing about the opportunities that have been coming to him to train companies in Europe and Asia. The thing that sticks out to me about him is how amazed he is to be been given the opportunities that he has. As I’ve watched him, it’s hit me that we all have tremendous value that we can use to help others. Like him, we might be surprised when others want or need our services.

You are different than me. I’m different than you. We’re both needed! I’ll connect with different people than you will…even if we have the same message. Too often we live life in a competitive manner with everyone who does similar work as we do. That’s living with a scarcity mindset. The reality is that there are 7 billion people on this planet that need what we have to offer and we’re all limited on how many people we can actually impact just because of time alone.

While I want to be successful, I also want you to be as well. Whatever you do, be great! Focus on the value you have to offer and do it with excellence each and every day.

If you’re a writer, write for impact.

If you’re a salesperson, sell with passion.

If you’re a coach or trainer, keep learning and growing so you have more to teach others.

If you’re a parent, invest in your growth so you can raise up the next generation to make an impact.

Whatever you are, be a great one!

As you go through this week, take an inventory of your skills and abilities. Think about the needs and wants of the people around you. How can you help them?

I became a coach and leadership trainer because I have a passion to help others discover their purposes and become influential in the lives of others. I’m passionate about what I do. I strive every day to help others grow however I can. I’m writing this today because I want you to maximize your gifts and abilities that you’ve been given. I want you to touch the lives of your family members, neighbors, coworkers and even strangers you meet in the store.

Who needs you to invest in them today? Look up from your phone, tablet, or computer right now and pay attention to the people around you. You are awesome, so be yourself today! These people need you. Play full on and Lead Life BIG today. I believe in you. Now go do it!

Go Be Intentionally Great today!